Key facts and figures: Did you know?

  • Uganda’s per capita income performance is yet to return to its potential despite an average GDP growth rate of 5.3 over the 1st decade of Vision 2040 (2010/11-2019/20); Learn More>>
  • The Average Return on FDI in Uganda Has Been on the Rise over the NDP Era:; Learn More>>
  • Construction Activities Continue to Dominate Investment in Uganda, Indicating Significant room for Enhancing Investment Productivity in the Economy; Learn More>>
  • Concentration of Poverty and Reliance of Households on Subsistence Agriculture do not always Match: Differentiated Strategies are Required in Addressing these two Development Challenges; Learn More>>
  • 1 in 20 sub-counties have 80 percent or more of their households in the monetized economy. How about increasing this share of sub-counties to at least 1 in 5 under NDP III?; Learn More>>
  • Uganda leads Eastern Africa in Regional Integration of Export Trade: Regional Value Chains are Key to Uganda’s Industrialization Agenda; Learn More>>
  • Africa has Emerged as Uganda’s Most Important Trading Partner: Will the AfCFTA Consolidate this Trend?; Learn More>>
  • Uganda’s Export Basket Has Significantly Expanded but Remains Dominated by Export of Services & Primary Products (2018); Learn More>>